X-Message-Number: 15592
From: "Jeff Grimes" <>
Subject: A simple inquiry
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2001 23:05:30 +0000

I would like to know if CI has ever considered using Viaspan to protect a person
during the journey to the lab. If this has been considered, I would like to 
know why CI decided against it.

Is anyone willing to answer this question?

I would like to know why Mr. Ettinger has made it sound as if vitrification is 
dangerous and destructive, when according to Douglas Skrecky here on CryoNet, 
the glycerol that is used by CI is concentrated enough to create vitrification.

I would like to know why CI uses a more concentrated solution of glycerol than 
seems to be used by any other cryonics group, even though a concentrated 
solution is more likely to damage cells.

Since Mr. Ettinger has agreed that the CI solution "does not equilibrate," I 
assume this means that some parts of the brain are protected better than others,
and some parts are damaged more than others. Is this correct?

Mr. Ettinger has said that the concentration of glycerol after perfusion is 26 
percent by weight. Is this an average or a point sample? How and where was it 

A Canadian laboratory duplicated the CI procedures using sheep brains. Did the 
laboratory confirm that some areas of the brain were much better protected than 

CI has published brain pictures on its web site. Are these the best results from
the Canadian lab, or the worst, or a compromise between the best and the worst?
How many pictures were actually taken?

CI has said that its system of local morticians provides faster service. CI has 
criticized another organization for taking more than 30 hours to transport 
people from death bed to laboratory. CI has refused to say how many hours it 
took to move its own patients. Why will it not give this information?

I would like to know if CI has any intention of answering any of these 
questions. If CI does not wish to answer them, please say so, and that will be 
the end of this thread.

Jeff Grimes.

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