X-Message-Number: 15594
From: "Jeff Grimes" <>
Subject: Delay
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 15:52:33 +0000

Fred Chamberlain writes:

> Within the last year or so, we at Alcor had the occasion
> to talk to a mortician who worked for another cryonics 
> organization and cited a case of holding the prospective 
> suspendee at water-ice temperatures for over three weeks. 
> Perhaps the delay was owing to "working out the 
> arrangements"? We do not know! This is not my idea of a 
> reasonable way of "managing to get into suspension after
> all"!

Was "the other organization" the Cryonics Institute? If so, does this explain 
why CI refuses to divulge the time it has taken to transport people to the lab, 
in the last few cases? CI has said that Alcor's 30 hours is an unacceptable 
time. But three weeks obviously is even worse.

This is making me wonder if ANY cryonics organization really is offering a 
decent service.

I notice that Mr. Chamberlain doesn't describe his own organization's 
performance; he would rather make a snide comment about his competitor. Mr. 
Ettinger does exactly the same thing in reverse. So, we have the leading two 
cryonics businesses slagging each other.

Personally I would prefer to read honest self-evaluations than people smearing 
their competitors. But, an honest self-evaluation is the one thing that never 
seems to appear here.

Jeff Grimes.

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