X-Message-Number: 156
From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: Venturist Notes 
Date: 11 Feb 1990

The February 1990 issue of the Venturist Monthly News [see msg #44]
briefly reviewed the Jan. 4 L.A. Law episode that featured a cryonics case
[see msg #150].  Since the accuracy of the presentation of cryonics was
exceptionally good for network TV, the Venturist Voice suggested that
"Readers who saw the show and who wish to thank the producer may send
letters to:"
    Michael M. Robin
    Executive Producer, L.A. Law
    20th Century Fox
    P.O. Box 900
    Beverly Hills, CA 90213


The purpose of cryonics is to enable a terminally ill person to resume living
(sometime) in the future.  The options of whole body suspension, neuro
suspension, etc. (or perhaps eventually uploading to a non-organic form), with
various degrees of fidelity of reconstruction, raise the issue of exactly who
"you" are and what cryonic suspension is supposed to preserve.  The Venturists
will address these issues in the coming year:
  "In addition we are going to embark on a year long running article on what
  the essence of 'self' is and are soliciting input from all cryonicists."
You can reach the Venturists at:
    The Venturists
    P.O. Box 458
    Wrightwood, CA 92397
                                       - Kevin Q. Brown

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