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Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 21:42:37 EST
Subject: Cryonics Life Insurance For Non US Citizens


Hello, Dear Cryonet Friends.  And Cryonet disputationists, as well:)  

Rudi Hoffman writing from Daytona, FL.

I have by enlarge enjoyed the continuing "Cryonics Wars" on Cryonet, and 
agree with others that this "Darwinian" and bloody struggle will produce a 
healthier and more robust cryonics community and technology over time.   

Cryonics preservation protocols and postings, like Nature, seem to be "Red in 
tooth and claw."  I think this is probably a good thing within the bounds of 
some civility.  Anyway, like Nature in general, our individual opinions may 
be irrelevant...things are the way they are.  

So my compliments to all posters and lurkers on Cryonet, and 

My ANNOUNCEMENT, if you'll excuse the capital letters, concerns non US 
citizens being able to obtain life insurance for cryonics.

As many of you know, ALCOR has discontinued accepting non-US life insurance 

As the leading writer of Cryonics Life Insurance in the world (admittedly a 
small niche market, but one I love)! I have been diligently attempting to get 
a US based carrier to write such policies.

I have Good News!  I have checked with our A+ rated Carrier, State Life, and 
they WILL write people in the UK (England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales) and 
Western Europe, and Canada.  

There are some things they require.

1.  Applicant must have blood and urine drawn in the US.

2.  Applicant must bring copies of full doctor records, in English.

3.  Applicant must have a US address for billing purposes. (can be
    mine, probably, or some US based friend).

4.  Applicant must pay in US funds, and an annual payment or single payment 
is preferred.  Money orders OK.  

5.  The policy will be underwritten normally, just as the cryonics policies 
are in the US. (That means they will look at medical history, etc., before 

6.  The company prefers that I write Universal Life or Limited Pay Interest 
Sensitive Whole Life in these cases. 

So, you get to justify a trip to sunny Florida in order to obtain your 
cryonics coverage!  You can stay at my house too, if we decide we like each 
other!  (only normal cryonics weirdoes, please...no *Real* weirdoes!:))

We are 1.5 hours from Orlando, the recreation center of the world, with 
Disney waiting for your inspection.  (No Walt Disney, however...despite some 
thinking he was cryogenically frozen, he reneged and took his wonderful 
vision to "heat death never never land.)"

Hope we can do some business with some more of you tremendous and courageous 
visionaries out there.  Thanks again to the many people reading this who are 
already valued friends and clients.  

Warmly and Professionally Yours,

Rudi Hoffman CFP
ALCOR member since 1994
Website:  rudihoffman.com

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