X-Message-Number: 15706
From: "Jeff Grimes" <>
Subject: Amazing!
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 16:00:00 +0000

It's always harder to leave a mail list than to join it. But, I have to make a 
brief comment about this truly 
incredible statement from Robert Ettinger:

"If my understanding of Hugh's post is correct, then the 
current Alcor CPA is not secret, except for the formulation 
of "MHP-2," what we would call the "washout solution," or 
corresponding to the former use of Viaspan. Plus there 
remains secrecy about the details of the procedure used to 
attain rapid cooling, which presumably is related to the 
patent I mentioned a while back."

Does everyone realize what this means? It means that Mr. 
Ettinger has made literally dozens of inflammatory, 
critical, complaining posts about the procedure he thought 
was being used at Alcor, and he never even bothered to 
check whether his assumptions were correct! He literally 
didn't know what he was talking about until Mr. Hixon 
posted his comments in response to the exchange between 
David Pascal and myself.

David Pascal has complained that I haven't bothered to do 
my homework about Alcor. But I am just out here on the 
sidelines, not even a member of any organization. Mr. 
Ettinger is a central authority in cryonics. He founded one 
of the main organizations, didn't he? People respect what 
he has to say. And he has been endlessly critical of his 

Now it turns out he never even bothered to find out what 
they were really doing! Is this amazing or what?

If I went online and suggested that an organization was 
causing serious damage with its procedures, and it turned 
out that I didn't even know what the procedures were, 
because I never bothered to ask--I would expect to get sued.

Jeff Grimes.

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