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From: "ramzy ramzy" <>
Subject: About Frank Cole
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 19:09:00 -0000

Hi, for everyone
Some cryonicist (Frank Cole)is bludgeoned to death in Mali (African country) 
as in the last message of my friend Ben Best in this mailing list. He became 
the first North American to travel from Mauritania on the west coast of 
Africa to Sudan on the east on camel -- the first North American to cross 
the Sahara desert alone.
I read in the same message also: Frank's zest for life encompassed a fear & 
fascination with death-- which found its focus in loneliness, isolation, 
desert and filmmaking.
Then, you do not need any comment for the following phrase:
(Death has won another terrible victory over one of its most (ruefully) 
"mortal" enemies. Can we not stop this?)
Why are the loneliness, isolation and desert? I ask. In this world, there is 
making of films far from dangerous places.
I live in Egypt. Here, Nile river is not very far from deserts of Egypt, but 
I can not think as Frank thought. I can not think to make a long trip by 
camel in age of cars and helicopters far from regions of high density of 
people in cities and villages to see the deserts and rare tents where the 
snakes are more than people.
Frank is a signed up cryonicist, but he did not do any other thing to avoid 
the death. I hope to sign up after my high studies far from the adventures.
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