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From: "George Smith" <>
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Subject: Goodbye Mr. Grimes
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 21:55:22 -0800

In message #15704 Jeff Grimes concluded his analysis of the answers (given
in incredible detail  yesterday by David Pascal to include the reasoning
behind the answers given) to his Nine Immortal (now defunct) Questions by

> Maybe cryonics will be better tested and proven another ten years from
> now. Maybe then, we will have some real science here instead of PR. I'm
> still somewhat interested in the way Alcor does things but even that
> sounds as if it is a work in progress.
> Anyway thanks for confirming that this is not a field I want to get
> into right now.
> Jeff Grimes.

So you want to throw the dice and bet your life?  I truly hope you do not
have a car accident  nor take a trip to a third world country and drink the
water nor develop ANY form of health condition which would preclude getting
insurance while waiting for the Holy Grail of "real science" whatever the
hell THAT is supposed to be.

Just remember, if you die anytime before you decide that current body
preservation methods are up to your year 2001 "real science" standards, and
you aren't lucky enough to STILL get some kind of suspension, then your body
goes to the crematorium or the grave.

Then it's "Goodbye Mr., Chips".... uh, I mean Grimes.

My silly suggestion?  Take a chance on life.  You already know there is an
option NOW.

At least please get yourself properly insured so that nothing goes wrong in
the meantime.

Oh well.  Enough cheap free advice.

Good luck.

George Smith
CI member

Remember, six billion lemmings can't be wrong!

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