X-Message-Number: 15716
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 03:45:16 EST
Subject: You never know... 2

Some more electomagnetic-related cryopreservation hogwash on the way:

Regarding thawing, could the exact same procedures be used in reverse?  And 
also function completely independent of any chosen rate of re-warming?  As 
vibrating motions and electromagnet influences again resumed, liberated 
molecules might be precluded from forming typical icing formations based on 
the same pseudo-science theory.  The trick would be to again advantageously 
manipulate ordinary hydrogen bonding schemes.

You know, some or all of this hogwash could be accomplished in conjunction 
with current cryonics methods and even new vitrification experimentation to 
perhaps marginally improve existing results.

On the other hand, if it could all be done on its own without requiring any 
chemical cryoprotectants at all, that might offer some substantial advantages 
to several industries.

But why would a researcher wish to spend limited resources with these 
unlikely ideas, knowing that it is unlikely to produce and could take much 
time and money just to reach that conclusion?  Process Patent.  All other 
methods might be obsolete on the first day of production of the 
equiment/machinery/technology.  Different size and scale systems could extend 
to many types of concerns including small sample warehousing needs in each 
and every hospital around the world.  Cryonics organizations could buy them 
(not much demand there right now for overtime production I guess---but who 
knows about future demand).

I am planning to get my lab set up right away, it should be up and running in 
time for my very first preliminary experiments to begin at least within the 
next 25 or 30 years or longer.  If any one beats me to it, all the better.  
Its all yours with my blessings.


David C. Johnson

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