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Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 10:13:06 +0000
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Subject: [off topic] snippets

interesting snippets.

The first two mean the likelyhood for alien life has gone up!  Most of the 
parameters in Drakes equation seem to be turning out to be quite high. So I 
wonder where they are (or which parameter reduces to zero?)

The last story has implications for long term political and geological(?) safety
(for people in storage that is). Lots of bad news on climate change in the 
papers over here (Europe). It seems to be pretty bad.


SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 20    Complex carbon molecules and water, which are key 
ingredients for life,

have been found in the dust and gas around distant stars. The findings boost the
theory that
the cosmic stew of life is common in the universe.


We may not have the means to detect them yet but there must be billions of 
Earth-like planets out there in our galaxy.

This striking suggestion emerges from a new statistical analysis of the light 
coming from nearby stars.


Scientists say climate change could have dramatic consequences for the Arctic 
this century.

They do not rule out the possibility that the entire Arctic could become 

They expect that, even on conservative estimates, much of its land and sea ice 
may melt.

And this could have unpredictable effects on ocean currents and weather systems 
thousands of miles away.

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