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Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 10:02:23 +0000
From: "Joseph Kehoe" <>
Subject: kurzweil


Check out his web site.
There is a flash and non-flash version. (use non-flash unless you have dsl)
The article on the singularity is very good and very long.

Even if you disagree with his conclusions it has lots of info. on the state of 
the art in brain scanning and also Neural nets.

There is also an explanation of how he calculates brain power vs computer power.

I would be interested to hear if people here more knowledgeable than me on the 
biological aspects agree or disagree with him and on what points (if people 
think it is an appropriate discussion for this list).

There are lots of other articles as well but I have not had the time to read any
of them yet.

p.s. Is he signed up for cryonics? (and if not why not)

Worth reading.

Joseph Kehoe, MSc
Raven Internet Technologies Ltd.
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