X-Message-Number: 15723
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 13:38:20 EST
Subject: Re: CryoNet #15610 - #15615

In  regard to Prof Ettinger's carefully chosen comments re "Grimes etc," 
Message #15612, I am moved to provide testimonial to the honesty and 
integrity of this man who I have known since 1966 as a charter member of the 
Cryonics Society of Michigan.  I am tremendously impressed to this day by his 
extreme patience and willingness to give level-headed and thoughtful 
responses even in the face of what appear to be vitriolic and personalized 
attacks, sometimes presented in the form of "questions."  We all know that he 
is inevitably nearing the time when he himself will be cryopreserved and it 
should be obvious that he will do all he can within his considerable frame of 
knowledge and experience to make sure he, himself, gets the best chance of 
returning to life, just as he has done for so many others.  
    I took his comments on vitrification to be fair commentary of a very 
interested observer and not at all the sniping of a jealous competitor as 
some seem to feel.  I am sure he is not right about everything but his 
comments are all thoughtful and well-reasoned, coming from a depth of 
experience no other can match.
    In returning to a strong interest in Cryonics after a 25 year hiatus I 
was very heartened and, yes, comforted to know that he remained an active 
leader of the movement.  I ask my fellow cryonetters to please award this man 
the great respect that he has earned and continues to deserve as the founder 
and pre-eminent leader of this movement.
Ronald G. Havelock, PhD, OD
1654 Cedar Lane
Shady Side MD 20764
tel: 301-261-5518

I do have a videotape copy of the excellent ABC presentation but I am not 
sure I know how to share it with anyone.  It should have some salutory effect 
on the movement but as a sometime expert on communication and persuasion I 
don't expect a breakthrough from such a limited exposure.  I remember well 
the Ettinger appearances on Johnny Carson, some of which were sympathetic and 
respectful [at least from Mr Carson, himself] and they helped the fledgling 
'movement' at the time, but sadly there was no breakthrough.  Now a recluse 
in his old age, I can't help wondering if Johnny Carson ever gives us a 

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