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From: "Jeff Grimes" <>
Subject: Maybe some humor will help
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 05:19:45 +0000

Just when I thought I had finished reading about cryonics
I ran across this little item, which indicates the Great 
British tradition of shock-horror journalism has moved 
online (I found this at www.theregister.com, a news site 
for info geeks).

Jeff Grimes.


My Internet love is a corpse-hoarding granny
By: Lucy Sherriff
Posted: 22/02/2001 at 12:50 GMT

Trevor Tasker's online romance went from steamy to chilly 
when he flew to the States to marry his love, only to 
discover that she was an old age pensioner with a corpse in 
her freezer. 

Trevor, 27, met Wynema Shumate in a chat room, and 
exchanged electronic love notes with her for months. After 
she sent him photographs of herself in her smalls he 
decided to up-sticks to the States to be with her. 

However, the photographs were taken over 35 years ago, and 
Trevor was met at the airport by a rather larger, and older 
woman than he expected. Shumate is now 65, and weighs in at 
an impressive 20 stone, according to a report in The Sun. 

But fair play to Trevor, he was not to be deterred and 
resolved to stay for a holiday despite his shock. 

But worse was to come, because Shumate had kept the dead 
body of her former flatmate, James O'Neill in her freezer, 
because she wanted to continue living in his house, and 
keep drawing money from his account. 

O'Neill had died of natural causes, but Shumate had tried 
to cut off one of his legs in order to fit him in the 
freezer. She has since been sentenced to a year in jail for 
fraud and unlawfully removing a dead body. 

Trevor has apparently vowed never to go online again. His 
mum said that he was very embarrassed about the whole 

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