X-Message-Number: 15741
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 16:06:12 EST
Subject: Anti-aging

It's very sad to hear "experts" denounce the anti-aging movement.  There are 
giant steps being made every day at a variety of mechanisms of aging.  It is 
humerous that someone "intelligent" would try to predict the lifespan 600 
years from now.  With our current technical growth, one can barely fathom 75 
years from now.  When will people learn that technical growth changes the 
future?  There is far too much "in-the-box" non-thinking on the part of our 
vocal "experts"

James R Hughes, MD
Member American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
Co-Founder Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
Co-Founder Trans-Arabian Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
Examiner for the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine

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