X-Message-Number: 15754
From: "Jeff Grimes" <>
Subject: The Lost Text
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 06:05:04 +0000

Here's the text that was formerly on the Cryonics Institute 
web site, which I think was written by Robert Ettinger:

"Also, and more importantly, the cryoprotectants used in 
vitrification are toxic. Thus, vitrification kills cells: 
it poisons and injures them to the point of actually 
disintegrating cell membranes in some cases. Indeed, the 
damage done by vitrification has been so immense and so 
much worse than conventional suspension treatments that, on 
balance, every last cryonics organization has throughout 
history opted for the less destructive option of 
conventional glycerol suspension and cooling and liquid 
nitrogen storage."

Since Mr. Ettinger identified Alcor as the only 
organization using the new vitrification method, he was 
basically saying that his competitors are using dangerous 
destructive techniques that "kill cells". 

I cannot find this text on the site any more (I downloaded 
my copy of it several weeks ago). Since it was removed from 
the site I assume Mr. Ettinger was forced to realize that 
his accusation was incorrect. In addition, Mr. Ettinger had 
to revise his entire understanding of how his competitors 
freeze people, after Hugh Hixon's two posts here. 

Therefore it was reasonable for me to say in a previous 
post that some of the Ettinger statements were reckless and 
would have been grounds for a law suit if cryonics was run 
on the same basis as "real medicine." You simply can't 
accuse your competitors of using destructive techniques on 
human beings, without even checking the facts properly.

Jeff Grimes.

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