X-Message-Number: 15759
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 14:51:35 EST
Subject: Re: Australian Life Insurance Approval

 Dear Rudi Hoffman:
 I am an Australian resident currently applying for membership of ALCOR.
 ALCOR referred me to you for help in obtaining life insurance through an 
American company.
 Please could you advise how to proceed.
 Thank you and kind regards
  Sydney, Australia

I have good news!  I have just checked with one of my carriers, and they are 
willing to write people who live in Australia.  There are the same 
requirements that they put forth for other "out of the country" policies (UK, 
Western Europe, Japan, Canada, and now Australia):

1.  Applicant must have blood and urine drawn in the US.

2.  Applicant must bring copies of full doctor records.

3.  Applicant must have a US address for billing purposes.

4.  Applicant must pay in US funds, and an annual (or even a single premium) 
payment is preferred.

5.  The policy will be underwritten normally, just as the cryonics policies 
are in the US. (That just means that they will look at medical history, etc., 
before approving.)

6.  The company prefers that I write universal life or whole life policies in 
these cases.

If the above requirements are acceptable to you, I will be happy to provide 
insurance quotes for you.  In order to obtain the best possible rates, I will 
need the following information:

1.  What is your birthdate?

2.  What is your approximate height and weight?  And do you know your blood 
pressure/cholesterol?  (If you don't, it's OK).

3.  Do you have any health challenges that we should be aware of?

4.  Do you engage in any hazardous sports, such as skydiving or scuba diving?

5.  What is your occupation? 

6.  What cryonics organization are you looking at?

7.  Are you interested in full body or neurosuspension?

I will be happy to provide quotes for anyone who finds the insurance 
company's requirements acceptable and doable.

Rudi Hoffman, CFP

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