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Subject: #15706 Amazing Jeff Grimes
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 20:30:41 -0000

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#15706 Amazing Jeff Grimes

Its not that difficult to leave honest, just unsubscribe.

I am sure somebody on here can give you the exact instructions if you are 

Why do you feel a need to keep repeating yourself and continue to discredit the 
CI. You have obviously decided you don't want anything to do with the CI so why 
not leave it at that and give us all a breather.

If you had specific questions why not present them to the organisation 
concerned, they would then choose to answer them or not and you could draw your 
own conclusions by the response or lack of response.

I would say we are all pretty intelligent here and would think are capable of 
asking our own questions and quite capable of making our own decisions.
So I think we have all got your message.

Everybody have their own opinions on every subject which is why talkshows do so 
well, I have no objections to people voicing their opinions. But the same 
opinion over and over again get a bit much.

Mark Walker
CI Member


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