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Subject: reaching out to a highschool class regarding cryonics and life 
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 05:32:45 

Hello everyone,

I am reposting for this list a fascinating story given by Max More, the 
president of the Extropian Institute.  He tells of his experience going to a 
highschool class to share about cryonics and life extension.  I think you 
will all find it very encouraging.

best wishes,


Max More wrote:
The recent discussions about Islam and Extropianism prompt me to mention 
that I'm about to head over to the Milken Community High School to give a 
talk about cryonics and life extension to the special honors class there. I 
resisted agreeing to this, despite having done it several times before, 
because of my tight schedule, but finally caved in. The students at this 
private Jewish high school are the brightest and most engaged young people I 
have had the pleasure of conversing with in years.

They actually *listen*, and ask intelligent questions. The Rabbi who invited 
me  also likes to get involved in a friendly but probing way.
Since a lot has happened in biotech recently, I'll try to gauge their
responses to see how sympathetic or worried they are.



Later Max wrote:
Just a quick note: The talk went very well. Apparently they has already 
watched a Discovery channel documentary on Alcor and had been through my Web 

In addition to the teacher, two other rabbis sat in. They both kept nodding 
in agreement, and seemed very receptive. The main focus was cryonics, but I 
covered superlongevity and put everything in an extropian context. The 
questions were intelligent and friendly. One student actually asked how he 
could join ExI.

They videotaped the class, so they can show it in future, though I will 
probably go back and do it again. It's such a pleasure to find active young 
minds willing to listen, think, and engage.

The day I am invited to speak at Bob Jones University, I will think that 
we're making *real* progress!




Max More, Ph.D.
President, Extropy Institute. www.extropy.org
Senior Content Architect, ManyWorlds Inc.: www.manyworlds.com

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