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Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 07:43:32 -0500
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: We too must organize...damn luddites!!!
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Dear friends,

This news is scary. I think we too need to organize. I think we need to take 
them to task each and every

one. I want their addresses and email addresses. I want to write to each one 
personally and describe in

detail what my life is like trapped in a useless body due to quadriplegic 
paralysis. I will describe how

each day is filled with pain, pain that can in fact become fatal. I'll ask how 
they would like to face each

day unsure if something could happen that day that they would be helpless to 
prevent and would steal their

life? How would they feel if merely having their urinary plumbing back up from 
something as simple and

normal as a clog from a clot of mucous from the bladder's lining could cause 
their blood pressure to rise to

the point of a stroke? Sitting there in the absence of any help from someone to 
extricate the clog they'd

feel every beat of their heart pound in their throat and light entering their 
eyes dim with every pulse beat

through tiny vessels. Each beat accumulating the pressure in their head higher 
and higher bringing on the

mother of all headaches. Knowing the inevitable outcome, a cerebral vascular 
accident, helpless to alter

it's course they'd begin to panic. Thoughts of the possible outcome would scream
forth from the depths of

their worst fears. Perhaps they wouldn't be lucky enough to die outright but 
instead be left drooling and

mindless. Their final thought might be remorse for opposing stem cell and 
nanotech research that would have
been able to heal their terrible affliction.

What I've described is only a small piece my reality every single day. Every 
single day I am in danger of

this and other follies occurring. I've never wished my reality, my affliction, 
on another human being until

now. These luddites need a huge dose of MY reality but good. They intend to 
condemn millions perhaps

billions to unbearable existences because statistics show that 1 in 11 people 
suffer serious disabilities.

Far worse they condemn us all to death!  I am dead serious about contacting 
them, especially that jerk--nay

that asshole, Jeremy Rifkin. I've held contempt for him for quite some time. 
Please help me to obtain

contact information for these mindless luddites either email or snail mail if 
necessary after all some may
be so anti tech that they still use the pony express!

James Swayze
Some of our views are spacious
some are merely space--RUSH

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