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Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2001 00:22:02 -0500
From: James Swayze <>
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CryoNet wrote:

> CryoNet - Fri 2 Mar 2001
>     #15772: [off topic] Luddites [Joseph Kehoe]

> The following is off topic and not directly related to cryonics. It is a 
response to a previous post regarding "luddites". Skip if you are not 

Not off topic at all. These Luddites would put a stop to cryonics just as fast 
as any other of their gripes. This is especially so for the environmentalist 
leaning ones. I'm an environmentalist but I at least have a brain.


> I am not a luddite by any means but it is wrong to treat people who disagree 
with our views as if
> they are ill-informed unintelligent people.

But they ARE ill-informed, some must be unintelligent because they choose to 
stay ignorant. I am certain Rifkin is a moron. ;)

>  They are correct on a number of points:

I can agree with YOU about much of what YOU say but not with them. They, this 
bunch listed in the report in question, are not interested in debate or 
discussion or fair comprehension of the facts. Their minds are made up. This 
should be evident by their willingness to use underhanded, fraudulent even, 
propaganda techniques that distort
the facts. Talk about end justfies the means!

These IDIOTS won't be happy until we all are living a quiet pastoral existence 
devoid of all technology happily birthing, living and then dying ad infinitum as
before till time ends. Yes we need to make sure ethics are considered and we 
must make sure or progression is made sanely and safely but who decides that? I 
don't want the
scientifically challenged or the religiously fanatical making up the rules.

I was on a panel for a local television program discussing the prospect of 
cloning. We had pros and cons attending. The facilitator interviewed a woman 
that was against cloning of any kind. She had little knowledge of science but 
had an opinion none the less. The facilitator used me sitting next to her for an
example. He asked if she

would oppose cloning even if it could bring about a cure for my quadripligia. 
She hedged a little uncomfortable for being put-on-the-spot and then admitted 
that yes she'd throw my life away if it meant cloned-for-experimentation animals
weren't created. Stupid b... er ah luddite! Luddites shouldn't be allowed to 
have an opinion unless
they can prove knowledge of all relating subjects!! Just kidding. ;)

James Swayze
Some of our views are spacious
some are merely space--RUSH

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