X-Message-Number: 15792
From: "Jeff Grimes" <>
Subject: animosity
Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2001 19:15:43 +0000

While I am not very interested in cryonics at this point I 
am still interested in the psychology of people who go in 
for it, and I am interested when someone responds to stuff 
that I wrote here. E.g.:

"There has been a bit of verbal animosity towards CI 
lately, mainly driven by non-USA cryonicists. I wonder how 
much of this is due to the fact that today they don t have 
wide choice I had when I signed up."

What a peculiar statement. The person who wrote it doesn't 
seem to have noticed any of the facts that were presented 
(on both sides). Personally I saw various disagreements 
about true and false statements and procedures which were 
either adequate or inadequate, and other fundamental issues 
which I would have thought would be important to anyone who 
is serious about cryonics. The personal stuff was no worse 
than you'd find in many online debates. To focus on that so-
called "animosity" while totally ignoring the content seems 
bizarre to me. 

As for Thomas Donaldson, he seems to see himself as some 
kind of royal guru who has the right to sum up the 
situation for lesser mortals. And his distress 
about "arguments" is quite pathetic. If people don't ever 
disagree, how do you ever expect progress to be made?

But this is the heart of the matter. I have come to the 
conclusion that most people on this list aren't very 
interested in making progress happen. They just want to 
enjoy the benefits of it, after it someone else has made it 

Jeff Grimes.

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