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Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2001 09:46:14 -0600
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Subject: cryonics - progress & enjoying benefits

Jeff Grimes wrote:
>But this is the heart of the matter. I have come to the
>conclusion that most people on this list aren't very
>interested in making progress happen. They just want to
>enjoy the benefits of it, after it someone else has made it


I'd disagree with you here. It appears to me that people who are on this
list *are* willing to make progress happen - they are thinking about
themselves, their families, & close ones (first, second wives, who are
already patients at cryo facilities). If you are thinking about
definition of progress as "global betterment of the people" let's be
realistic, 99% of us don't have resources (financial, connections, etc.) to
do anything on the global scale, but as you know a long journey begins with
the first step - Chinese proverb? Why not start with yourself? Makes sense
to me.

We all want to enjoy benefits of the progress and I found out that this
group is probably enjoying all we can get right now - not complaining, but
just "carpe diem" - seizing the day. The multitude of postings on this list
prove that once again that most of these people have their priority more or
less straight :-) except for when they wake up on Sunday morning and the
breakfast is not in bed :-)

I wonder sometimes myself why don't those millionaires, billionaires who
have all the money in the world do something about cryonics and get
actively involved in it - is this the kind of "progress" you are talking
I am sure there is a reason for that.

My communications by e-mail and on the phone with several list members led
to believe that there is a tremendous obstacle to cryonics (or do you call
this "progress") - people's believes, religion, and just plain fear to
confront the harsh reality of the world - death. *This* is *not*making
progress happen, Jeff. So far, practically everyone in the world has put up
with the idea of dying - this is really scary! This is not progress at all
in my opinion, so why not start with yourself, Jeff? But it appears to me
that you are closing this chapter in your life's book pretty confidently and
if you do, I wish you all the best of luck. I am afraid that your remarks
about this probably will be just shrugged off by most people on the list as
they may perceive them as something bothersome - as a fly that just needs to
be hushed away. Once again, this would strengthen my belief that people
don't change their minds overnight, they stick to their inner beliefs and
just *gradually* over time modify them, sometimes arriving at a totally
different set of ideas they originally started with. It's you and only you
who decides what's right for you - I have no say in it, just a suggestion,

And be real honest, I think people being a bit self-centered is not bad.
This way, I can make a decent living, make money to pay for the cryonics
procedure and have a professional organization (be it Alcor, CI or any other
party) handle my wishes. After all, you don't drill your cavities yourself,

Just to understand that is "progress" - if you got it, you are making it
happen and enjoying all the benefits.

If not, I still understand, but will challenge you to reach your star faster
than I'll reach mine :-)



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