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From: "BlackShark" <>
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Subject: An Introduction
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001 23:36:23 -0700

Hello, awhile back someone asked for an introduction from the lurkers here
so I thought I would introduce myself.

My name is David King and I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  I didn't
know anything about Cryonics until about a year ago when my wife (who is an
avid reader) bought "The First Immortal" and passed it on to me after she
had read it telling me she thought I would find it interesting. I usually
don't have time to read novels but this one sounded interesting from what my
wife told me so I read it.  This introduced me to the whole concept of
cryonics which, before this I had no idea even existed. After reading the
book I did an internet search on "Cryonics" and discovered Alcor, The
Cryonics Institute and this list. I haven't signed up with anyone yet but
within the next year or two I would like to make a trip to visit both Alcor
and The Cryonics Institute and see for myself first hand how they operate
and talk to the people who run them. In the meantime I am reading this list
with great interest. I also plan to subscribe to both organizations'
newsletters and magazines and learn all I can about both organizations.

I'm not sure how quickly I could be trasported after death from Canada to
one of the facilities in the USA. I'm contemplating perhaps moving to the
USA after retiring (I'm 56 right now) so as to be nearer one of the cryonics

I'm very interested in the discussions of how to have money available after
re-animation (assuming we still need it... and I'm fairly sure we will). I'm
a computer support person right now.  I do wonder if, after re-animation
(100 years?), I will be so far behind in technology knowledge that I will be
of no use to anyone in the workforce. Perhaps if I have money invested with
my favourite cryonics organization I will be able to continue to live in
retirement for many more years to come? So many questions.

David King (keeping an open mind)

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