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New Home Address: 1208 Charleston E. Dr., Indianapolis IN 46219
Same phone: (317) 359-7260 or 357-9910

   I have recently moved in with my girlfriend (and Alcor member) of 
several years, Angalee Shepherd, and her two children -- David, age 12, 
and Robyn, age 6.  Both phone numbers will ring in at the same place.

   To add to the confusion, I will be taking a sabattical from my job as
Children's Librarian at the public library here from February 24 - June 18.
>From approximately March 10 - June 10 I will be an employee of Alcor, and
I will be working in Riverside, CA.  My primary duties will be organizing
the Alcor archives, working on publicity materials, editing various 
publications, and helping to organize Alcor's participation in two 
conferences (Saul Kent's Reanimation Conference in Ontario CA on May
4-6 and The Annual Convention of the National Space Society in Anaheim
on May 25-28).

   I WILL have my computer, modem, and printer along, so I can keep in
touch.  Since I will be at Alcor daily, you may also use me as a conduit
for information to go to people at the Alcor office.  If you have a
message which is private for someone, use "Private for ....." as the 
subject.  I promise to pass it along without reading it (I can do that
by doing a direct download of the file from Compuserve) -- as long as you
trust me, of course.  Maybe we can get them so dependent on this three
month service I will be doing for them that they will finally get their
own permanent E-mail address.

   While in California, you may continue to use my Compuserve address:
  (directly accessible via INTERNET; contact 
Kevin Q. Brown for routing suggestions if you have problems)      
or you may mail things to the Alcor address: 12327 Doherty St, 
Riverside CA 92503      or mail private material to my residence at 
10547 Cameo Ct, Riverside CA 92505.

   Phones at Alcor:  1-800-367-2228 (outside of Calif.)
                       (714) 736-1703 (in Calif.)
   Private in eve:     (714) 359-5895

   When I return to Indianapolis in June, I will be assigned to a 
different branch, as yet undetermined; so my work phone number will 
change.  If you miss getting it, you can always call the Children's 
Division at the Central Library (317-269-1751) to find where I am.

   I will be driving to and from California, so I might get a chance to
go your way and stop by.  Any suggestions or invitations?

   Steve Bridge

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