X-Message-Number: 16001
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 18:14:58 +0200
From: "Mark Walker" <>
Subject: Fw: [Biostasis] Future of the UK facility [John de Rivaz]

Fw: [Biostasis] Future of the UK facility [John de Rivaz]

The Idea of an independent UK storage/Suspension facility does sound quite 
interesting as long as it involves working with both Alcor and CI, by providing 
suspension and or a backup storage facility for both CI and Alcor. I myself 
intend to stay as a CI member so I can only see this as a benafit to myself if 
it is intended to work independantly but as mentioned above.

The idea of being stored in the UK has its appeal but, staying a member of the 
CI, they would have to be able to move me to the USA if any problems arise ie 
the facility closing. Also the problem I see with the UK is our anti everything,
Anti Cloning, Anti Stem Cell, Anti genetics etc which I think is less of a 
problem in the states. Are we going to get extremists attacking the facilty or 
stopping re-animations a similar problem we have with genetically modified 

I fully intend to stay with the CI . However this facility could benafit CI and 
Alcor if we get over this us and them problem.
Please excuse any spelling not my best subject.

Mark Walker
CI Member

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