X-Message-Number: 16013
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2001 06:22:40 -0700
From: Natasha Vita-More <>
Subject: Recent Eulogy re FM


Having known FM for many years, I feel quite sure that FM would, above all,
want to make certain that his ideas be preserved   alive and intact. While
he shared many ideas with many futurists and enjoyed rigorous creative
discussions about the future, he had his own ideology as he expressed in
his UpWingers philosophy which helped to carve his ideas about transhumans.

In the recent esteemed Cryonics magazine, there was a eulogy written as
part of the ongoing encomium to FM.  However respectful of that eulogy and
its author, it did contain a misrepresentation of FM's work which must be

FM did not  father  the extropian philosophy or movement. FM, I believe,
would want it to be made known that even though he made enormous
contributions in establishing a value system for transhumans, he did not
have a role in the development of the extropian philosophy.

Thank you,

Natasha Vita-More

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