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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: aesthetics in regard to cryonics
Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2001 07:26:50 

Natasha Vita-More had a piece entitled "considering aesthetics in our highly 
technological culture" in the latest issue of Cryonics magazine. She 
explained the importance and sometimes unseen facets of aesthetics in 
various forms of art, tech and culture in their daily effect on us.

I enjoyed her comment, "today we view ourselves as information designers and 
memetic engineers. Each time we express a
thought or view we decide if, when, and how to transmit it and to whom it 
will be transmitted. Therein, we are like sculptors
before a mound of clay or code poets before an algorithmic ode."

Natasha went on to discuss how the transformation of human body capacities 
and appearances may cause a great deal of
social anxiety. She explained how her Primo 3M+ 2001 work was meant to prod 
our imaginations into realizing the current
limits of our bodies and what could lie in store for us in coming decades.

Reading her article made me wonder how exactly aesthetics and cryonics 
relate to each other.  Any ideas from anyone here?  I wonder to what extent 
aesthetics were taken into consideration as various cryonics organizations 
developed.  I have read how the upcoming Timeship structure had very serious 
and lengthy thought devoted to the aesthetics of it.  The creators realized 
aesthetics would have a powerful effect on how the world would view 

best wishes,

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