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Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2001 16:31:04 -0400
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Subject: Partners with differing viewpoints (message 16008)
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Steven L brings up the very important topic of how a cryonicist
should deal with the situation in which his or her spouse is
not a cryonicist.  He also notes that he's an athiest and his
girl friend is not.

As a preliminary i guess i should point out that cryonics is
compatible with religion.  That is, the fact that Steve's girl friend
is not an athiest shouldn't be any barrier to becoming a cryonicist.
This is probably addressed in the cryonics faq, and i'm nearly certain
that Professor Ettinger has recently posted on that topic (but i don't
have the reference at hand---maybe someone could supply the message
number?).  Just to drive home the point, on this list are Christians
(including Fundamentalists), Jews (including Orthodox), as well as
people from traditionally Islamic areas, and even Wiccans.  All are

Now Steven didn't ask for advice, but i'm going to offer
some anyway.

And that is: be loving, be patient, and talk about the subject
from time to time.  People grow and develop (as we say in California).


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