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From: "George Smith" <>
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Subject: Loved ones who don't sign up for religious "reasons"
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001 12:36:38 -0700

Steven Lacher asked about the issue of having someone you love deeply who
does not sign up for cryonics, what to do, how to handle it, etc.

Consider first challenging the reasons for your choosing cryonics from an
athiest-theist perspective.  Consider coming from the view that cryonics has
nothing to do with the existence or non existence of God, heaven, hell, an
afterlife, etc.  If your partner feels that by signing up for cryonics she
is undermining her faith in her religion, THAT is the real problem here.

Start to discuss cryonics with her from ONLY the standpoint of taking the
next step in emergency resusitation.  Would she permit an ER team to give
her CPR if she were injured and not breathing?  Would she want them to use
the paddles to start her heart again if it stopped?  Would she accept heart
surgery to save her life?  If you can cause her to view cryonics as nothing
more than a future extension of current medical procedures and remove this
debate from the realm of religion, she may have no problem with signing up
at all.

I would add to this that I really can't see how cryonics proves or disproves
anything about theology any more than our current medical life saving
procedures do.  I think it is extremely useful to not equate cryonics with
atheism or theism.  Consider how much easier it might be to have your
partner join you in this grand adventure by helping her to realize that it
is just what people will be able to use for emergencies in just a few more
years anyway.  (Maybe sooner, maybe later).

It has nothing to do with religion unless we pretend otherwise.

I think this is the truth of the matter.

So first consider freeing yourself from  believing otherwise and your
partner will have a much easier time seeing her way clear to doing the same.

Hang in there!

George Smith

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