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Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2001 20:10:09 -0600
From: "Raphael T. Haftka" <>
Subject: Partners with differing views

>Steve Lacher asked about partners who do not share views on cryonics.

I like to remind myself that for any view that I hold I can find 
individuals who are more intelligent and better informed on the subject 
than I am,  and who hold an opposite view. With respect to cryonics, I will 
probably look for such individuals among cryobiologists.

This does not mean that I should change my opinion, because I will still 
remain in exactly the same situation. However, what it does mean to me is 
that I should be very tolerant of people holding different views, even if 
they are very close to me.

My wife does not share my interest in cryonics. She finds the topic morbid 
and my claim that I am right and practically everyone else is wrong 
bordering on egomania.

I just consider myself lucky to have found cryonics. I hope that as we get 
older and death becomes a bigger presence in our lives she will be willing 
to contemplate the subject with less revulsion.

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