X-Message-Number: 16030
From: "ramzy ramzy" <>
Subject: Partners with differing views
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 10:24:13 -0000

Hi, all
In cryonet message, some atheist cryonicist signed for cryonics, but his 
girlfriend refused.
If there are some religious cryonicists, this does not mean that every 
religious person can accept the cryonics.
Also, most of the cryonicists are atheists, but most of the atheists are 
In the general, if you accept some logical idea, then the others have 
different opinions (acceptance - refusing).
The result: your girlfriend thinks that cryonics will not work in the future 
for religious or scientific reasons, but you want to live with her forever.
She can choose the cryonics for other reasons except (the cryonics will 
1- She loves you and she wants that you are not sad because you think that 
you will miss her in the future.
2- She will not miss anything if she signed for the cryonics without a hope, 
but she will miss an important thing if you became sad man for her short 
3- She will not pay money of cryonics because the man always pays and the 
woman receives. Also, I must do when I find an appropriate atheist girl.
In the end, you have a good luck because you can say " I am an atheist" in 
your country without fear, but I can not.
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