X-Message-Number: 16032
From: Transoniq <>
Subject: suicide...
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 101 09:31:20 -0700 (PDT)

> I've heard the argument that cryonics is compatible
> with religious views, and that's true for the most
> part I suppose but the fundamental concept underlying
> cryonics is life-extension and what does a Christian
> do in a future where science has learned how to stop
> the aging process? If you're not going to die, you're
> not going to heaven and you're not allowed to kill
> yourself so you're trapped in the physical
> world...cut-off from your god. I suppose one could
> make the choice to not take advantage of medical
> technology and go ahead and age "naturally". But
> wouldn't that be another form of suicide? How do
> Christians define suicide? If you have a choice
> between life and death and you choose death...how is
> that not suicide?

Uh, it sounds like she's already done this once she became aware of the
cryonics choice. You don't need to posit some future choice regarding

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