X-Message-Number: 16033
From: "CEU" <>
Subject: Choosing suspension org
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 18:54:53 +0200

That ain't easy for those who may afford them all. CI is most affordable but may
we get more for more money with ACS or Alcor?

Many wishes "Neuro" to be ruled out everywhere as CI have done, as ACS call 
brain only, but give us a bad sense to make folks womit.

I started out with Alcor in Riverside, then it was easy but 120.000+ to set 
aside and secure needed some consideration, when CI turned up and might be just 
as good for less money, now I also look into ACS.

Choosing is not easy since they differ a lot, ACS has an old homepage, a small 
office, a spread out org and sort of double securement, but their board as well 
as CI's seem to be so democratic it can be taken over in foul play some mean, 
whereas Alcor votes internally as my nearest advisor mean is better.

Otherwise CI seem to be most solid when some mean Alcor is not but seem to be 
more technical serious.

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