X-Message-Number: 16037
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 09:47:52 EDT
Subject: Black Magic : The end of science

In a preceding message, I have defined modern Black Magic as the following 
technological process in three steps: 
1/ Copy a quantum system (anything is a quantum system) in a quantum computer 
using teleportation.
2/ Make any transformation on the system in the computer.
3/Copy back the transformed system on the original system, so that it is 
?magically? transformed. The process is ?black? because what is done in the 
computer escapes all physical laws. It is only constrained by the computer 
program, , everything works as if that action was produced inside a black 
hole horizon.

Science has been up to now the basic foundation of technology, it remains the 
foundation of black magic access. On the other hand, what is done by black 
magic escape to science. The world of the computer program is no more 
?scientific? that the one seen in a cartoon. In that way, black magic is the 
end of science, at least as the technology basis and material power.

Because it create a special ?Universe? defined by a program, it escape too 
any religious definition. No God, no sur-natural power.

Some computed Universes may be quite large, far larger than the observable 
universe seen in present day astronomy. That could be the start of the answer 
to the Fermi paradox about E.T. Where are they? The answer: in black magic 
spaces with physical law defined to suit they needs. In that view, we have 
nothing to learn from other civilizations. They can?t tell us about the 
?common? universe where we are now. Their own is without interest for us.

Another effect of BM, more linked to cryonics, is how we perceive up loading. 
The up loaded world is seen as a fake world, even if it is large. BM open the 
possibility to copy a system, (a person for example) from the up loaded world 
to the quantum space of BM and from here to the common space. BM is a door 
between different spaces, the ?real? one is only one of them.

Two centuries from now, the world may be ruled by black magic, assume you 
have to start a new life in that world, do you accept it? It you reject it 
today, it is a bad prospect for your  future life.

Yvan Bozzonetti.

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