X-Message-Number: 16044
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 11:00:34 -0700
From: Hugh Hixon <>
Subject: Misadventure As A Cause Of Death In An Immortal Population

In  Message #16042, "john grigg" <> wrote,

>Was it Joe Hovey who did a fascinating study which said based on current 
>statistics we could expect to live only about 1,500 years due to the unsafe 
>nature of our present world?

"Misadventure As A Cause Of Death In An Immortal Population", by Hugh Hixon

is available as Cryomessage #0016 in the Cryonet archives.  The half-life of
an immortal population is estimated at 1654 years, due to solely to
accidents and homicide, with lots of *caveats*, and is really pretty
conservative (pessimistic).  Read the article, and supply your own guesses.


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