X-Message-Number: 16045
From: "Mark Plus" <>
Subject: The future of my cryonics insurance
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 19:23:40 -0700

Since 1990 I have been using a whole life policy from New York Life to pay 
for my cryonic suspension arrangements with Alcor, the current death benefit 
being $116,000 (including paid-up additions).  I understand from talking to 
my insurance agent that after having paid premiums on this policy for eleven 
years, I can now opt to have all future premiums paid from out of the 
dividends of the policy.  The death benefit would decline, but it would 
never drop below $100,000.  Doing so would free up the $1200 a year that I 
had been spending on premiums.

Would it be better to continue to pay that monthly premium so that the death 
benefit continues to increase, or should I instead take that money and 
invest it in some other way that would be beneficial towards my long-term 
survival, like accumulating a fund for my remote standby fees?

I would welcome some suggestions.

Trans-millennially yours,

Mark Plus, Expansionary
"Working to make death obsolescent in the 21st Century."

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