X-Message-Number: 16083
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 23:16:35 EDT
Subject: Dry Cells & New Scientist...

Thanks to all of yesterday's Posters pointing out this new 
experimentation/development, and also the website www.newscientist.com.  
Looks like I have a new daily reading assignment ahead as well as some 
significant catching up to do--everything there looks interesting.

Speed reading was mentioned on Cryonet a while back.  I have found that for 
some authors and some topics I can do a limited amount of speed reading and 
it does involve bypassing (i.e., the active avoidance of) mentally "sounding 
out" the text.  For me it takes an odd combination of concentration and 
relaxation--and for some reason, staying conscious of my breathing rate is 
helpful.  I am not disciplined enough to sustain "speed reading" (with 
adequate comprehension) for extended periods--but I am noticing some 
improvement recently with continued practice.


David C. Johnson, Raleigh

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