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Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 08:25:26 +0000
From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: giggle, identity, and bookbuying
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> Subject: Dry Cells & New Scientist...
> Thanks to all of yesterday's Posters pointing out this new
> experimentation/development, and also the website www.newscientist.com.

It keeps going and going... :-)

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> From: Scott Badger <>
> Subject: The Identity Issue ... Again

> I should mention that George Smith's attempt (#16051)
> to resolve the identity issue is still off the mark,
> IMO. He appears to have suggested that since an
> initial version of you and a later version of you both
> wish to avoid death then there is no substantive
> difference between the two versions of you. We all
> avoid death. That doesn't make us all the same. A copy
> of me is going to be just as avoidant of death as I am
> and yet one is the original and one is the copy. The
> survival instict is not a suitable criterion to
> resolve the identity issue, IMO.

FWIW, I agree.  However, I do not despair, because the "identity issue" is
operationally irrelevant to me.  Whether I am (or believe I am) the same
person now as I was ten years ago, yesterday, or when I started writing
this sentence, and whether or not a copy of me is the same person as me,
makes no discernible difference in my behavior at this moment.  And that's
a good thing, too, because I don't think any amount of philosophizing or
logic can reach a definitive answer at this point.  

What are you going to do -- cancel your cryonics arrangements if you don't
think it would be you that would be revived?  Put a rider in your cryonics
contract saying not to revive you if you have to be copied?  

I've got to start employing self-discipline and start skipping these
"identity" posts; best I practice what I preach

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> From: Lee Corbin <> 

> In a recent post, Mike Perry mentioned the online version of his book
> "Forever For All".  (http://upublish.com/books/perry.htm).
> Whatever, I got mine from amazon.com.  Anyone who is interested
> in immortalism (or even cutting-edge philosophy) will really
> enjoy it.  It seems to have everything in it.

For anyone who might not know or have forgotten:

Don't go directly to www.amazon.com to buy books!  Go to the site of some 
organization you want to support, and follow any of the book links there.
You don't have to buy that book -- search for whatever book you want, and
your chosen org will still get money!  From the amazon.com Associates

Program FAQ 

> You'll be paid up to 15% for individually linked books that you feature on
> your site... You will also be paid 5% for any incremental purchases your
> visitors make after following one of your links to our site. For any
> sales generated through search box, home page links, or subject page
> links, you'll be paid 5% in referral fees...  

Talk about a painless donation method! :-) 
Live long and prosper,
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