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Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 19:13:41 +0300
From: Stasys Adiklis <>
Subject: Re: The Identity Issue ... Again
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> Tonight I watched "Farscape" on the Sci-Fi channel.
I have not seen this movie, but i'll respond.

> One of the main charaters (Chrighton) was
> "twin-ed" or "doubled". And the two versions ran into
> each other at the end of the show, neither knowing
> which was the original and which was the copy. Each of
> them desired to know, however.
Why? Had they problems sharing their property? ;-)

If i was the author of the story i would have ended it this way:

...while those two are guessing who is the original, the scientist (or
whoever was responsible for copying them) enters the scene.

  - Tell us who is who!
  - I've made TWO copies ot the original. The original was destroyed.

> It's just a matter of time and space, isn't it?

Not exactly. Being at a different place in time and/or space affects ones
position relative to the surrounding world, and it leads to the different
information incoming to ones receptory system. So, as you said "It's the
information, stupid.", not the space/time per se that counts.

> I am no more concerned about being copied (twin-ed or
> doubled) and losing the original in the process than I
> am waking up tomorrow from a deep sleep.

Congrats. However I am curious what David Pizer will say...

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