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Date: Sat, 05 May 2001 14:22:00 -0700
From: Olaf Henny <>
Subject: Cloning Legislation in Canada; - World Overview
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Hi Again:

During the last few days there have been announcements of the
Federal Government of Canada s intention of introducing
legislation outlawing human cloning and the fusion of genetic
material to create man-animal hybrids.

Fortunately Alan Rock, the Minister of Health proposes extensive
"Rock is to table the recommendations in form of a draft bill,
that will be studied first by the Commons health committee, which
is expected to hear a wide range of witnesses.

The seldom used procedure allows for wider consultation and
greater scope for possible amendment, than is normally the case.
Most government bills are pushed through with little or no change
once introduced."

Government sources say, the proposals will ban other practices,
including sex selection of babies for non-medical reasons and
surrogate motherhood for profit.  Still other controversial
genetic an reproductive procedures would be subject to regulation
under a system yet to be worked out.

While I am at this time clearly opposed to whole-human cloning,
premature and hasty legislation may well pour our the baby with
the bath water.

I clearly support research into cloning of individual human
organs, in the hope, that this can be achieved.  A kidney, heart
or liver cloned from my own cells would be eminently preferable
to receiving an only poorly compatible organ harvested from a
cadaver.  Also are present day efforts to introduce pig organs
within this governments definition of "creating animal-human

While trying to find out more about the proposed legislation I
stumbled on the following website, by the Canadian Government
which provided an excellent summary about existing cloning
legislations throughout the world including of course the US and
the UK:



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