X-Message-Number: 16209
Date: Sat, 5 May 2001 21:28:11 +0000 ()
From: Louis Epstein <>
Subject: Reasons for CI Skepticism?

On 5 May 2001, CryoNet wrote:

(Charles Platt wrote,in particular):
> b) Some of them (at least a dozen) are opting for the Cryonics Institute.
> Personally I feel that they might just as well join the Seventh Day
> Adventists, since I doubt that many CI patients have much chance of
> resuscitation. Obviously, this is just my opinion, but I hold it strongly,
> and I deeply regret the loss of these Alcor UK members.
I know there has been discussion in the archives I've gone through.

But just why is someone in a CI cryostat unlikely,as cryonics patients go,
to be revived?(I believe that they now have a majority of whole-body
suspendees...not sure of Alcor's current count but add those at ACS
and do you have as many as CI?).

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