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Subject: Re:Co-opetetion
Date: Sun, 06 May 2001 06:35:49 -0000

Hi, all
I read the message of Mike Darwin  Co-opetetion .
Some of sentences in it:
 As I write this I occasionally reach over next to my key board and pick up 
and hold in my hand a piece of the planet Mars and a piece of the great 
pyramid of Cheops at Giza. When I was a child I dreamed of going to both 
places. I dreamed of standing on the sandy expanse that is Giza and scaling 
the Great Pyramid and looking out over the Nile at sunrise. I have been 
fortunate enough to do that. I also dreamed of Mars as I looked at Werner 
von Braun's plans for going there, rendered into awe inspiring drawings by 
Chesley Bonestell, and reprinted from Colliers magazine endlessly in the 
1950s and 1960s. I saw 2001: a space odyssey, when I was 13 years old in 
1968. I was more certain that I would reach the moon and possibly stand on 
Mars than I was of scaling Cheops' at Giza and walking the banks of the Nile 
at sunset. 
Great. What is the problem if you want to visit Egypt?
Welcome in my country Egypt, for the greatest providers of Cryonics from 
Kryos and the other four organizations.
You said also:  Like Moses I can see my dreamland and even hold a piece of 
it in my hands, but I will probably never go there .
Most of Egyptians are Moslems and the Islam considers Moses as a prophet as 
Mohammed and the God is one with many names because of the differences 
between the languages.
By the way, I do not believe Moses, Mohammed or any person says that he is 
sent from the God as a prophet to teach the people the ethics, although I 
enter in many discussions with the Moslems in Egypt about Koran. Also, I 
think that most of cryonet members are non-religious as me.
Again, welcome in Egypt and I am very happy for your nice message.
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