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From: "Alan Sinclair" <>
Subject: Dyslexia or stupid
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 09:04:29 +0100

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Charles Platt kindly explained that he thought I may have mild dyslexia and I 
resent that.(thanks for being so kind)

As most of the members in the UK are aware I am totally dyslexic.

During this message I would have made at least twenty mistakes but I know I am 
not stupid because most of them, spellcheck are unable to understand what I 
means, so I have to substitute for a simple word and yes when I re read some 
mistakes slip through.(it that really so terrible? does it make the whole 
message unreadable? or is it a slight nuisance that grates but can be allowed 
for in the circumstances)

Because I felt my problem was so plainly obvious it did not occour to me to 
explain and I thought that laughing like little children over a couple of 
spelling mistakes was way in the past, because I am writing to people in 
cryonics who have high QI (or so 
I am told by the cryonics community and yes I do realise it is IQ)

Charles is quite right to say that dyslexia was not recognised when I was at 
school and it wasn't until I was about twenty eight that I was told I was not 

You have no idea what a relief that was, to know I was bright, in fact had a 
extremely high IQ, after all those years to know, I only had dyslexia so that I 
could mingle with the idiots without being noticed, it was truly wonderful.

From a very humble beginning by the age of twenty I managed to have my own 
house, have three businesses and drive a Rolls Royce but I suppose that was just

I continued to live a happy & fruitful life changing my profession many times, 
from a Motor mechanic, Garage owner, Racing car driver, Electronic engineer, 
Shop owner, Holier, Rest home owner and much more.

I even had to pass exams, I was always successful, luck again I suppose? 

I have employed hundreds of staff over the years but by far the most important 
was the work smith, how would I have managed without the short hand typist? and 
yet the cost was only a few dollar or pounds for the UK, what wonderful value 
for money, to think I was able to employ such talent for such a small amount.

Now I have retired and have time to reflect, I wonder, if I had been bright and 
had been able to spell and express myself in the way I wished, could I to have 
had the joy to worked for peanuts for someone just like me.

I will never know, so if I am stupid and quite frankly I don't care, if my 
messages are being overlooked just because it is more important to correct them 
rather than listen to the message, I feel rather disappointed. 

I hope this may help you understand me and people like me a little better.

Remember a dyslexic that believes in DOG realises his mistake, it should be GOD,
a stupid person feeds it and as soon as the vicar told me to stop feeding,I 
started to make progress.

Alan Sinclair


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