X-Message-Number: 16222
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 06:09:40 EDT
Subject: Using black magic, an example

I have suggested the possibility to use modern Black Magic. I define it as a 
quantum process: A quantum system is copied in an analog quantum computer 
(QC) and that copy is moved to a digital QC where it is processed. The result 
is then moved back using teleportation to the original quantum system.

This is a rather dry definition, so I move to an example. Assume we want to 
repair some big molecules, for example a protein complex denaturated by 
freezing or some prion. The amino acid chain(s) of the protein has been 
unfolded and refolded the wrong way, the objective is to get back to the 
good, useful folding.

1/The quantum-quantum link:

The first possibility is to put a molecule in an elliptic corral at a focus, 
the wave function reflected from the ellipse build back a "shadow" object at 
the second focus. Well, this is mere nanotechnology, everything here is at 
the sub micrometer scale. The experiment has been done, it works. At the 
first focus we could put a "good" protein and a bad one at the second focus, 
so that the "good shadow" would convince the denaturated protein to fold 

This is only a laboratory experiment, working on a single molecule at a time. 
More: the shadow wave function of the bad molecule reacts back at the first 
focus on the good molecule and may denaturate it.

2/ The quantum-analog computer- quantum system:

We may create a quantum dot array (QDA) with the compexity of the protein and 
teleport the shadow wave function into that QDA, we have then a master copy 
of the good folding. We can then teleport many copies of it on badly folded 
molecules, without back reaction.  The drawback is that a matter wave 
function can't be teleported far away, at most it can travel a fraction of a 
micrometer. The problem comes from the analog of the evanescent wave in 
optics: At many wavelength of the source, ordinary difraction law destroy the 
evanescent wave and a complete picture can't be built back.

3/ Using black magic:

The use of a shadow wave function at long range is forbiden by "ordinary" 
difraction. I don't want to be too technical here, but there is the 
possibility of "uncommon" difraction without that limit. The request is to 
have a large plane wave at the source, large here, may be understood as many 
inches. This is a theoretical possibility, but in the real world, it is quite 
impossible to get. On the other hand, a quantum computer could well compute 
such a wave function. Uploading the wave function in the analog computer into 
a digital QC would produce the basic data of the computation. The result 
would be a similar wave extending a foot wide. It could be downloaded back to 
the analog computer and from here teleported outside. Now the large plane 
wave at the source alows to project a shadow wave at long range, one yard or 
more. A body could be scanned at molecular level and all wrongly folded 
molecule of a kind would be properly refolded by that system. That must be 
done for each of the 30 000 or so proteins in the body.

This is done without introducing any micro robot in the body, the nanotech 
robots would be used for micro surgery yet.

Yvan Bozzonetti.

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