X-Message-Number: 16226
Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 08:35:12 -0700
From: Max More <>
Subject: Returning to Cryonet

Hello everyone!

I haven't been on Cryonet in about five years (after having been on it 
since its inception, I believe) so I thought I should say hello rather than 
lurking in the shadows.

It was a pleasure to see in my first digest Alan Sinclair's post, since it 
took me back to my pre-USA days. As Alan said, he founded Alcor-UK, and did 
so by building on the organization I started there in 1986-87 with Mike 
Price, Garret Smyth, and then John Styles. Back when we first started (at 
the urging of Mike Darwin who challenged me early in 1986 to be the fist to 
sign up in England and then to get an organization going), it was called 
Mizar (the companion star to Alcor).

Actually one reason I rejoined Cryonet was because of bits and pieces of 
information I hear about changes going on with cryonics in the UK. Since I 
still feel like a father of the organization (though rather estranged after 
15 years and 6,000 miles), I'd like to keep up to date on developments.

So far Cryonet seems to be much more mellow than when I left in the midst 
of yet another flame war. Feels good!




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