X-Message-Number: 16231
Date: Tue, 08 May 2001 08:38:15 -0600
From: Linda Chamberlain <>
Subject: Alcor's International Policy

For those readers of Cryonet who would like to know Alcor's International
Membership Policy and the reasons for which this policy has been put into
effect, please visit the Alcor website at www.alcor.org and click on

Linda Chamberlain

Alcor Life Extension Foundation 
7895 E. Acoma Dr., Suite 110, Scottsdale AZ 85260-6916 
Phone (480) 905-1906 x 113      FAX (480) 922-9027 

The Alcor Life Extension Foundation was founded in 1972 as 
a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, and has 44 patients 
in biostasis as of April, 2001. Alcor is the world's only provider 
of clinical cryovitrification with over 525 members who 
have pre-arranged for biostasis. Alcor's Emergency CryoTransport 
System (ECS) is a medical-style rescue network patterned after 
Emergency Medical System (EMS). Alcor CryoTransport Technicians, 
as with EMTs and Paramedics on an ambulance, are advised by our 
Medical Director, Jerry Lemler MD or other physicians who are Alcor 
members and/or contract physicians.  

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