X-Message-Number: 16244
Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 17:23:18 -0400 (EDT)
From: Charles Platt <>
Subject: UK

Further to my previous message:

The British building described as "Alcor's Facility" on Alcor's US web
page is no longer operational. It has been sold. While the web page states
that "The Alcor UK group is very active, and they have frequent meetings &
training. Contact David Flude...." I believe Mr. Flude has already chosen
to join the Cryonics Institute.

The current estimate is that 12 out of approximately 23 Alcor UK members
have quit Alcor and are going over to CI; consequently it is physically
impossible for Alcor's web page to claim "over 15 certified Alcor
CryoTransport Technicians" in the UK. The remaining number of Alcor UK
members is fewer than 15. Lastly, Graham Hipkiss, who is recommended on
the web page as a contact to resolve insurance issues has been quoted as
saying he cannot do so.

The information on Alcor's page seems to be months out of date and
suggests that no one in Alcor USA has bothered to communicate lately with
the people in Alcor UK. During this time, Alcor UK appears to have
fragmented, amidst much rancor and resentment toward Alcor USA. This loss
of activist talent is extremely sad.

Perhaps the Alcor web page will be updated to reflect these facts in the
near future.


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