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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: a warm welcome to Alan Sinclair
Date: Wed, 09 May 2001 22:30:53 

Alan Sinclair wrote:
Now I have retired and have time to reflect, I wonder, if I had been bright 
and had been able to spell and express myself in the way I wished, could I 
to have had the joy to worked for peanuts for someone just like me.

But, what beautiful grammar you would have had! ;)  It looks to me like you 
turned your "lemons into lemonade" and became quite the entreprenaur as you 
sold it to the world.

There is quite a community online and in the "real world" for dyslexics.  I 
know because I am one myself.  If your story has not yet been shared on tv 
and in print then it should.  You could be an inspiration to so many out 
there who are desperately struggling.

My own form of learning disability/dyslexia has so far stopped me from 
getting a driver's license.  I am thirty-four years old and this has been an 
obstacle when it comes to getting satisfying employment.  When I was with 
the state vocation rehab I was turned down for getting the expensive special 
screening and training which is offered by just one specialist in Alaska.

In general I tend to be disorganized and not the fastest learner.
I can learn but it takes me longer sometimes and this causes a
spiraling decline in my self-confidence.

My sensory-motor abilities seem to be impaired.  I nearly drove insane a 
martial arts instructor a few years ago!  I tend to lose things on the job.

Anyway, I have yet to conquer my own personal Goliath but I am glad to see 
you have.  I look forward to reading your upcoming posts.

best wishes,


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