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Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 07:03:21 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ben Best <>
Subject: Re: INC History [was CryoNet #16233; Re: How PayPal works ..]

On Wed, 09 May 2001, Kitty Antonik wrote:

> > Message #16233
> > Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 20:54:23 -0400 (EDT)
> > From: Ben Best <>

> > Subject: Re: How PayPal works, a little more detail, and could work very 
well , indeed 
> > I'm not sure if this would be necessary for PayPal, and
> > I'm not sure about opening a business account for INC at this time. To
> > put the matter delicately, relations between Paul Wakfer and myself are
> > currently very "strained". I don't have access to the INC website or
> > e-mail address.
> This last statement deserves to be corrected.  Ben Best was given all
> the .html files for the INC website.  Those related to the research were
> in the process of being updated.  He was told that he could have access
> to the website for whatever purposes he wished; no inquiry has been
> forthcoming.  While an e-mail address for INC is probably possible
> through the server housing INC, such was never used by Paul.
> As a correction to a previous Cryonet post by Ben, he was provided with
> hard and soft copies of *all* records for INC from the time that Paul
> Wakfer assumed the Presidency from Thomas Donaldson plus whatever
> records Paul received from Thomas.  *Nothing* was retained by Paul. In
> addition, Paul offered some verbal history and answered those questions
> that Ben raised at the time of the presidency transferal; all the
> history of INC is contained within the documentation that Ben has. 
> Claims by Ben of not having the INC history can only be because he has
> not read it (and ask clarifying questions) because HSCP is to end in
> June - a reasonable thing to do.  Insinuations of not *having* the
> history is at least misleading.

    These statements are true. Paul went to some trouble to insure that I
received all of the INC files and records. It is a massive amount of
material and I have only scratched the surface of going through it and I
would frankly rather not have to -- I have so many other demands on my
time. As I said, I only took on the job of Presidency of INC with the
greatest of reluctance. I have done a lot of work on INC -- but mostly on
fundraising, administrative tasks and trying to disseminate the scientific
value of the project. I have spent very little time going through records.
Probably information on the INC website and passwords is in the material I
have been given. 

> No "strained" relations exist with Paul towards Ben in regard to INC;
> Paul continues to be available to answer any further questions, to give
> advice if asked, to immediately transmit to Ben whatever arrives at the
> INC mailing address, and to sign any checks for INC that Ben asks him to
> sign.

    I have never seen Paul more angry with me than he was a couple of
weeks ago -- over issues unrelated to INC. And part of the problem is
that I simply do not want to deal with large doses of Paul's anger and 
try to avoid it -- both in personal contact and in written form. If
this is a personal defect of mine, so be it. I never claimed to 
be perfect.

   Paul is a person of integrity, and he has not let bad feelings get
in the way of a responsibility to INC that he still feels. He has helped
with INC problems & issues when needed and probably would help me with
INC problems related to PayPal if I wanted to get involved. So it was
completely a matter of my own discomfort which has motivated my 
reluctance to ask him questions. 

   And concerning PayPal, I must apologize to all interested but I 
do not have the intelligence or the time now to make a decision
to use PayPal which I could feel comfortable with -- especially
involving INC. If INC/HSCP were not so quickly coming to a close
and there way the possibility of regular monthly payments it 
would be a different matter. 

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