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From: "John de Rivaz" <>
Subject: European Cryonics Support Group
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 15:50:35 +0100

Various postings about Alcor and foreign-to-US members on cryonet haven't
mentioned the European Cryonics Support Group recently. It also has an
attendant email list to which you can subscribe by sending a blank email to

Unlike Alcor US's list and site, which as its name suggests is for Alcor
people, this group is intended to support cryonicists of all providers. In
addition its Chair will try and stop people arguing and squabbling at
meetings and on the Internet. It should be remembered that only fools fight
in burning houses, and we are all housed in bodies made of a substance that
is slowly burning in the oxygen needed to provide energy for life. [That is
if you believe in the free radical theory of ageing.] ESCG's web site is
http://www.cryonics-europe.org and I have invited articles from both
providers who offer, or have offered, or may offer again, services in the
UK. Hopefully one day Kryos will make a third and thereby offer the people
of the UK and the rest of Europe a real choice in what cryopreservation
services suits them, based on their financial and family situations and
perception of the risk/reward ratios of what is available.

It is time that the movement as a whole accepts that there are differences
of opinion, and focuses on practicalities and constructive ideas. Unless
someone can get cryopreserved and time travel back, as the main character in
Heinlein's The Door into Summer, no one really knows whether various
procedures work or will not work, whether certain expenses and complications
are necessary and so on.

It is all a matter of opinion. It is also a matter of opinion whether it is
sensible to try and move your life to be next door to a facility or instead
carry on where you are and make the best with a distance service. It is
impossible to make that choice for others. What is right for one will be
wrong for another.

Whether Alcor becomes a US only service, or an Arizona only service or a
Scottsdale only service or for that matter an Acoma Drive only service is up
to them, ie whatever their directors and membership decide according to
their by laws and constitution. If they decide to offer a limited range
service of some sort or another the ECSG will continue to advise its members
what is available and how they could move their lives to wherever they need
to go if they should consider such an option suits them.

Whereas the ECSG internet site welcomes views and questions from people who
are not signed up with anyone, they need to be sensibly put. A bit of humour
is fine, but grossly insulting someone only attracts insults in return and
then many people turn away.

Sincerely, John de Rivaz
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