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From: "Graham  Hipkiss" <>
Subject: Alcor's Foreign Policy
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 03:09:56 +0100

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Now that Alcor has decided to become an American Insurance only organisation, 
the drift of its current foreign membership towards CI is inevitable. Many 
existing members wish to recruit their family and friends. As this is no longer 
possible with Alcor (the problems, for foreigners, of obtaining American 
Insurance is well documented in the Alcor web site) people will transfer to an 
organisation where it is possible. 

Cryonics members want to belong to an organisation that is growing. The greater 
number we are, the more security we have. The Alcor UK members have been working
very hard and very successfully to increase their number. If Alcor had not 
changed its policies towards British insurance we would have around 60-70 
members now. Hence the frustration which has turned to annoyance and even anger.

I have contacted British Insurance Companies, Independent Financial Advisers and
even contracted a reliable independent commercial solicitor to confirm to Alcor
that our current funding mechanism is secure.

The interests of Alcor's existing members, frozen and warm, are indeed served by
a tight funding system. But they are also served by obtaining the added 
security and income resulting from increased membership. A reasonable balance 
has to be pursued. I suggest the current policy which is leading to a shrinking 
membership,  has not obtained the right balance. 

Graham Hipkiss      


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